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When drain or sewer problems happen, it's often an emergency. You can't wait around for days to have a plumber show up. Give us a call at Binion Plumbing and we'll be there for you. All of our plumbers are certified sewer and drain technicians with years of experience. From clearing a clogged drain to clearing a sewer line, we can handle any size plumbing or sewer problem. We can inspect your sewer lines, repair pipes or lay new sewer line; remove clogs or blockages in the lines and perform excavation if needed. We're also experienced in backflow prevention.

Warning signs for sewer problems

  • Sewer lines are an emergency when they back up, however there are warning signs to look out for to prevent the worst from happening

  • Toilets can be the first sign of troubles for the sewer line, especially when other low lying drains are not working properly at the same time

  • Watch for other fixtures or drains behaving strangely, such as water appearing in other drains in the house when you run the washing machine

  • Don't flush disposable baby wipes down the toilet. Disposable is not the same as flushable, and these wipes will cause blockages in time

  • Many homeowner insurance policies do not cover damages due to backed up sewer lines and most cities hold homeowners liable for upkeep on the sewer lines that lead from the house to the city sewer main

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All of our plumbers are certified sewer and drain technicians with years of experience in plumbing, sewers and drain systems and backflow prevention. We can install sewer lines or sump pumps or repair them as needed. Plus, all of our estimates are FREE! Call us today to make an appointment.